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MD Jahangir Hossain
Apr 23, 2022
In General Discussions
If the health crisis, with a thread of hope, appears to be close to being overcome, there remains the awareness that, to some extent, we will not return professionally to the previous situation. The parenthesis distinguished by home-working was Kazakhstan Phone Number List probably too long not to have left its mark and conveyed the idea that some activities can be carried out, at least in part, thanks to technology and a better organization of work. For this Kazakhstan Phone Number List reason, it is increasingly interesting to observe the experiments that have seen companies not only manage the contribution of employees and collaborators in a more flexible way, but also favor the relationship with customers in a context of different perception of the need to organize travel. Business trips than in the past. WINDTRE BUSINESS On both fronts, the digital transformation of skills counts and will count more and more so that Kazakhstan Phone Number List technology can support change without constituting a brake . Areas of careful observation will therefore be: the creation of communities of customers and business partners such as which, during the quarantine, organized L'Oreal Professionel on Facebook and Instagram; the Kazakhstan Phone Number List activation of internal brand ambassadors as in the case of Generali with the development of virtual teams and mentors who know how to encourage the onboarding of new resources in a context of minors, if at all , sharing of common physical spaces: removing a dimension from working together can in fact be compensated. By having new dimensions of support and professional growth; the maturation of new skills by commercial figures, in a context of fewer trips and hybrid forms Kazakhstan Phone Number List of meeting and comparison: “phygital” fairs and conferences require real social selling techniques ; the need to identify organizational forms of work that respect the different impact that smart-working has on men and women and on professionals from different Kazakhstan Phone Number List backgrounds allowing, for example, flexible hours in the context of "core hours" in which availability is necessary for the respect we owe to colleagues and customers; improving the hardware and software resources needed as part of renewed data security challenges and an increase in the BYOD approach; the framing of smart-working in the face of aspects

MD Jahangir Hossain

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